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Symphony Hills

Symphony Hills

Symphony Hills is an urban residential development located in Cyberjaya. The residences are developed within a gated and guarded community, and will entirely take 10 years to complete. It was first launched on the 1st August 2010 and is developed by UEM Land Holdings.

There are 4 types of residences available in Symphony Hills, namely Beethoven (Garden Twin Villas), Schubert (Parklink Terrace), Schumann (Parklink Townhouse) and Mozart (Garden Terrace). Every type comes with 2 different layouts to choose from. There are a total of 450 houses to be developed in this enclave.

To complement the luxury lifestyle, there is a resort-style clubhouse located in the heart of Symphony Hills. It is built along the stretch of a waterway towards a floating clubhouse. It houses a recreational area for party and gathering, as well as a gymnasium, tennis courts and private gardens.

Symphony Hills is Malaysia’s first “Connected Intelligent Community” or also known as CIC concept within a residential development. This concept combines comfort, convenience, community and security within the enclave, with high-speed fibre optic infrastructure. This project will be certified green, which it will incorporate green technology including rainwater harvesting.

Adding to that, this gated and guarded Symphony Hills is also equipped with Smart Home features that include 3-tier security infrastructure which operates at the development perimeter, precinct level and each residence. The infrastructure enables one to detect unusual activities around and within the enclave, of which, it will then automatically alerts the Precinct Command Centre for further action.

Within individual home, each house is equipped with stand-alone security system that is connected to the Precinct Command Centre. Residents are able to activate and disarm the security system at their convenience of their home or even from abroad.

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