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CBD 3 Centrus Soho

CBD Perdana Centrus Soho

CBD 3 Centrus Soho

The most exciting retail hub in Cyberjaya. Where all the luxuries of life are right at your doorstep. Where your favourite restaurant is just a short walk away, the supermarket is just across the landscaped boulevard. And your office is just upstairs. Leading the way towards contemporary living in the heart of Cyberjaya, Centrus @ CBD Perdana 3 (CBD3) combines all the needs of a modern lifestyle – an all-in-one development offering business, shopping, leisure and residential facilities under one roof.

A 24/7 experience to be savoured Naturally interpreting work, live and play as the driving force behind the creation of CBD Perdana 3, this development is set to become an exciting hub for businesses, residences and entertainment.

Four major components form CBD perdana 3: a 3-storey neighborhood Centrus mall, a supermarket, 4- and 5-storey retail, office suites, 3 blocks of SOHOs and commercial spaces. By mixing work, live and play into a unifying space, we have created a location where there will always be an active population day and night.

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