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Sejati Residences

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Sejati Residences is Paramount Property’s first high-end residential project. Spread over 50 acres of natural, it can be described as unique, authentic, natural or original. It is set amongst gracious canopy trees and rich flora & fauna. Its spacious, expansive living that open wide to let nature in creating a soothing green environment.

Located in the heart of Multimedia Super Corridor, Sejati Residences is accessible via a network of highways. This gated and guarded development includes 249 homes freehold, comprising superlinks, semi-detached homes and bungalows, as well as condominiums units for future development.

Sejati Residences consist of four features :-

  • Gated & Guarded

Sejati Residences is a secure, gated and guarded neighbourhood complete with security features like guardhouse, 24-hour patrolling by well-trained guards, security alarm system, call assist button and an intercom system which are connected to the guardhouse.

  • Chengal House

Inspired by the colonial clubhouses of the past, it’s naturally ventilated with wide verandas, high ceilings, and seamless spaces, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the natural breezes that flow through it. To add charm and character to the clubhouse, the designers used 200-year-old recycled chengal wood for its columns and roof trusses

  • Garden of 5 Senses

refreshes the mind, body and spirit through an interplay between the elements of nature, like: stone, wood, lush canopy trees, chirping birds at the bird bath, aromatic spices and plants that refresh the air.

  • Linear Park

breaks down fences and connects families within the neighbourhood. Parents forge friendships while their kids play together in the playground

Sejati Residences' Projects :-

  • PHASE 1

Eugenia - Superlink

Amelia I - Semi-Detached

Amelia II - Semi-Detached

Astonia I - Bungalow

Astonia II - Bungalow

  • PHASE 2

XTRA Edition

Amelia III - Semi-Detached

Amelia VI - Semi-Detached

Courtyard Villa

  • PHASE 3

Eugenia III - Superlink

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