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Mulia Residences

Selling price from RM889,000 onwards

Development Concept ‘REDISCOVER WHAT’S GOOD’

Tropical architecture: Tailor-made for our climate, such as maximising cross ventilation in and around the house, providing sun-shades to avoid direct sunlight and wider roof eave.Practical space and traffic planning: Separate 'open' visitors area and 'private' family area; provides 4 to 6 car park bays to have less cars on road pavements; and pedestrian garden pathways away from vehicular roads.Made for harmonious multi-generational living: Dual-entrance feature, 'open' living and dining areas for better family interaction.Environment conducive for close-knit community: Many 'neigbourly spots', 'play' parks and 'communal' spaces. Cyberjaya: A green city, close to KLIA and well-connected via highways, part of MRT2 and now revitalised by the new PM.


☘New 2 Storey Link

☘Porch can fit up to 4 cars

☘Clubhouse Facilities

🔖Flexi living concept with Dual Key

🔖Gated & Guarded ( 2 tier security with 2 guard house

🍁Clubhouse facilities(Swimming Pool, Wading Pool, Gymnasium, Cafe, Surau & etc)

🍁Outdoor Facilities (Outdoor Fitness, Outdoor Multi Court, Multipurpose Hall)

🔹FREE SPA Legal Fee & Stamp Duty

🔹FREE Loan Legal Fee & Stamp Duty

🔹FREE Maintenance Fee ( 1 year) 🔳TYPE A (INTERMEDIATE

▪Build up : 2,203sqft (22x70)

▪Features : Dual Entrance (4 Bedroom +1 Room + 2 Stores)* Fully Sold Out


▪Build up : 2,386sqft (22x70)

▪Features : Dual Entrance (4 Bedroom +1 Room + 1 Utility Room + 2 Stores)

🔳TYPE C(END : GARDEN)▪Build up : 3,275sqft (29x70)

▪Features : Dual Entrance (5 Bedroom +1 Study Room + 1 Utility Room + 2 Stores)


▪Build up : 3,275sqft (29x70)

▪Features : Dual Entrance (5 Bedroom +1 Study Room + 1 Utility Room + 2 Stores)

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