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KLCT International Realty Sdn Bhd was established in year 2012 with The Board of Valuer, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia. The founder of our company, Mr Anderson Lim Wen Rong with Madam Che Asiah binti Abdullah as the agency principal attributes such success to the guiding principles:  honesty, efficiency and quality works without compromise. We assist developers, owners and end-user of the property to enhance the value of their real estate, and also as an attractive place in which to live, work and play.



KLCT’s Vision and Mission


We are the professionals who create the true value of Real Estate on the basis of advanced skills, know-how, and network.



Our Vision

Aim at the top level of industry of Real Estate Investment Business.

Continue to create a new products and services, extend investment opportunities of clients.

Provide the optimal service for property formation and asset management of clients at a reasonable price

Every employee continues to exploit one’s professional skills by self-study.



Our Mission

We are committed to provide the most unique and comprehensive customer service for individuals interested in owning property in Malaysia. Through a network of highly qualified real estate professionals, we offer an unequal inventory of properties in this region.


We will continue to create new marketing products and services, extending investment opportunities to our clients. We will provide optimum service for property investment and asset management of our clients at a reasonable price.

We will continue to enhance our professional skill by having group-discussions and aspire to be at the top of the Real Estate Investment Industry.



Our Core Value

Professionalism - Competent professionals in the truest sense in term of work, always putting our client’s interests first ahead of financial gain.

Work to foster social development through our fair, creative, energetic and positive agency activities.


Commitment - Prepared to work diligently and on a full-time basis with persistence and commitment to achieve results.

Provide quality products and services which can give satisfaction and trust worthiness to our clients.


Respect - Build a business culture where an employee is respected as an individual, capable person, and thus their capability is enhanced.


Win-win Situation - To raise our agency ‘s value and reputation by meeting our client’s expectation thus ensuring a positive outcome of a transaction.




The Founding Partner & Director

Anderson Lim, Founding Partner & Director, founded KLCT International Realty Sdn Bhd in 2012. He is responsible for the growth and on-going development of the company’s business. He was instrumental in the development / investment of a number of major projects throughout Malaysia for the Group. He holds an Associate Degree in International Business. He has been successful as a private property investor in Australia, China, and Malaysia.


Prior to form KLCT International Realty Sdn Bhd, he was also obtained some positions with various well-know company in Malaysia such as HSBC (M) Bank Berhad, Country Heights Holdings Berhad, ect. He also has been actively involved in the various NGOs, in Malaysia for more than 10 years since 2006. With his wide experience, he has brought much progress to the Group.




The Management

Management Team

KLCT International Realty Sdn Bhd comprises of 3 divisions:


  • Project Marketing


  • Investment


  • Secondary Market & Real Estate Services




Investment Sale, Real Estate Agency & Project Marketing

Specialist advice on the local and international real estate investment as well as acquisition strategies to optimize return on value.

Advice on the sale, purchase or rental of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Marketing consultancy and advice on the pricing and sale strategies for high-end residential, commercial, industrial and resort project.



Research and Consultancy

Strategic advice, forecasting and feasibility studies on new and proposed developments including cash flow, sensitivity and risk analysis. Market survey and studies of the demand and supply of properties, site identification & evaluation and design input for effective marketing.



Real Estate Services

We have a strong network of Bankers, Lawyers, Valuers, Designers, etc. We provide extra services for the convenience of our clients such as-

Securing housing loan from banks, end-financing, refinancing, etc.

Liaising with the lawyers on the client’s Sale & Purchase Agreement and Tenancy Agreement (if necessary)

Property Management

Home renovation package including interior design and maintenance, etc.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) and Visa application.




Property Management

Property Management service help landlord eliminating stress of managing a investment / rental property. Our unique and comprehensive approach tenant sourcing and encompassing approach to property management and maintenance provide you a peace of mind understand that your investment is well cared from us. A strongly believe that a good tenant for you means a good relationship for us.



Assisting While Handover

•Authorized for completing key handover

•Checking & rectification defect problems

•Follow procedure for claiming warranty from Developer

•Organizing & Coordinating relevant parties for repairing defect

•Inspecting unit after finished repair any defect


Looking For Occupant

•Looking for tenant / buyer to occupy the property

•Market rental property via wide range of media

•Live appointment system which allow enquirer able to schedule appointment with us immediately

•Private appointments

•Arranging & relocation services for expatriate from MNC

•Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) scheme oversea buyers & investors

•No charges incurred before the unit is occupy


Solving Occupant Problem(s)

•Compliance of tenancy agreement

•Real time supporting tenant

•Coordinate internal & external repair and maintenance personnel

•Ensure all maintenance work carried in good workmanship with competitive pricing

•Reporting landlord for major issue

•Maintain good relationship with Joint Management Body (JMB)


Solving Property Problem(s)

•Pre-sale refurbishment

•Troubles left by tenant

•Cleaning services

•Leaking problem

•Plumbing problem

•Locksmith works

•Household repairs


What do we do

•We treat every investment from you as if we own it ourselves

•Stand point of view from landlord

•Everything we do is covered by one basic payment

•No hidden cost


Projects covered

•SummerGlades by Suntract

•Primera Suite by Prima Avenue

•Neocyber Domain by Emkay

•Gardenview by Setia Haruman

•Shaftsbury Residence by Ikhasas

•Serin Residency by Villamas

•D’Pulze by D’Pulze Venture

•Garden Residence by Mah Sing

•Symphony Hills by UEM

•The Place by MCT

•Garden Plaza by Mah Sing

•Tamarind Square by Tujuan Gemilang

•Clover by Mah Sing

•Aspen by Mah Sing

•Opus by Crystal Ville

•Edusphere by The HCK Group

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