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Resort-Inspired Homes

Welcome each day with a picturesque setting of verdant greenery and colorful blossoms.

Garden Residence is a unique garden development themed around a tropical resort living with emphasis is placed in how

you can immerse yourself in nature’s simple beauties…..

Garden Residence, placing nature at your doorsteps.


Open Park At Cyberjaya….

Tropical Cloister, a proposed set of outdoor rooms designed in between Garden Residence and Clover. Concepts defines a unique landscape for open spaces and creating special nodes to redefine the elements of the design. Bamboo screens and planting to suggest an secluded environment catered for residents to enjoy, walk, jog

and relax.

Slopes are engineered with low rubble walls and meandering footpath leads residents to the park and connects to both Garden Residence and Clover. The layers of terracing allows the residents to enjoy the surrounding view making it the most important site in Cyberjaya.

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